Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring and Robins

We have had evidence that we have had robins nesting in our yard in the past.  But nothing like this year.  In our back yard willow tree, at about head height, a pair of robins built a nest.  We didn't notice until May 8th when my husband told me that there was a nest and it had 2 eggs in it.  That picture is on my phone and I am clueless on how to get it off.  The next day May 9th, I took this picture of  3 eggs.  I took my grandson out to see the eggs. and when he got into the car, when he was picked up by this mother. he informed her that there were bird eggs in grandpa's tree, "As blue as your eyes".
The next day (May 10th)  I took a picture of the 4 eggs.
Normally our back yard is very busy during the spring and summer.  This year we have been avoiding the back yard to give the mama bird a change to succeed at hatching her eggs and raising her babies.  Except every day when I have been out there to check on the eggs and take pictures.
This is the Mama robin on her nest.  When we would disturb her peace she would fly to a neighbors roof top.  She never left the nest for more than 10 minutes. 
May 21st the first one hatched.  The second one is about to make it's appearance.
May 22nd, 3 have hatched.
     By this morning all 4 had hatched. 
Things I have learned about robins. 
#1. robins lay 3 to 4 eggs, twice a season.
 #2.  It takes 12-14 days for the eggs to hatch after the last one was laid.
#3.  Mama does nest duty all by herself.
#4  Mama and Dad both work at feeding their nestlings.
#5.  Robins feed once a day, when they catch worms, early in the morning.  They hunt by sight so they need to get the worms while once the sun is up but before the worms go back into the ground.  Thus the saying "The early bird gets the worm."
#6.  It takes 2 weeks for the nestlings to get enough feathers to become fledglings.  Flying comes a few days after that.
#7.  If the parents are successful with raising their young, it is possible that they will use the same nest for the second batch.
#8.  Robins do not mate for life, only for each mating season.
 Every day we have been taking the grandkids out to see the eggs and now the babies.   Life is good.

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