Friday, December 28, 2012

Crocheted Scrubby

I love a good scrubby for scrubbing pots and pans and I just learned that more than one of my friends appreciate good scrubbies too.  So this last Christmas, more than one of my friends received my handmade scrubbies as a gift.  I have other friends who will be receiving some as birthday gifts.  They are easy, quick and inexpensive to make.  So here is how I crochet a scrubby.
½  yard (.46m) of net fabric ( +/- $1.00 per yard (.92m))
Size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook
Cutting mat
Metal ruler
Rotary cutter

Here is the net fabric.  It is bought by the yard (in the US) and is 72 inches (2 yards) wide.  I folded the net and placed it on the cutting mat so that the cut edge is even with the end of the markings on the mat.  I placed the metal ruler on the net, 2 inches (5 cm) from the end,
 and used the rotary cutter to cut along that line.  I cut 9 – 2 inch wide x72 inch long strips of net. 
Then I took one end of two pieces of net and made them even and then tied a slip knot, tying the two pieces together. 
Repeat with the other 7 pieces until you have all 9 pieces of net tied into one long piece of net.  This is the “yarn” for the scrubby. 
I learned quickly that is it much better to roll the net “yarn” into a little ball.  It makes everything neat and easy to work with.
Leaving a 3-4 inch (7.5-10cm) tail, chain 3 stitches,
 then slip stitch the into the first chain making a small ring. 

Sc8 into the center of the ring.  You will not be counting rows or rounds, what you will be counting is each section of net between each knot.  Also, as you reach each knot you will need to make sure each knot is on the inside of the scrubby. You have 9 sections and 8 knots.
 Next, 2 sc into each stitch until you reach the 2nd knot (or the start of the 3 strip). 
Now 1sc into each stitch until you reach the 8th knot.

When you reach this point you will notice that all the knots are inside the scrubby and the outside is knot free.  Using the last strip of net, you will *(sc into a stich, skip a stitch), repeat until the top is closed. 

When you have closed the top, tie off the last stitch.
Reach the crochet hook into the center hole in the top, through to the center hole in the bottom and pull the tail up through the top. 

Tie a square knot into the two tails. 

Then use your crochet hook to pull last knot on top into the center of the scrubby. 
Looks good.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ruffled Scarf

I suppose you have seen these wonderful ruffled scarves around.  I just discovered how really easy they are to make.  You can either crochet or knit them.  This tutorial is about the crochet method.  The secret is in the yarn.
To make one scarf you need:
1 skein Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn ($5-$10 per skein depending on where you buy it)
Size K Crochet Hook
2 stitch markers (you may use safety pins)
When you start unwinding the yarn from the skein you will need to stretch it out to its full width.  Notice that one side of the width has some sparkly yarn woven in, this is the bottom edge,and the opposite side looks like train tracks, with net in between.  We will be crocheting on the train tracks end or the top edge.
Step 1:  Fold in the raw edge.
Step 2.  Stick your crochet hook in through the first hole in the second row of hole from the top.  (you do this so that you will have a sturdy edge to crochet with.

Step 3:  Skip the next hole and pick up yarn in the next hole and chain.  Repeat this 3 more time until you have 4 chain stitches.  Use the stitch marker to mark the first stitch of the chain.  Chain one more and turn.
Step 4:  Single crochet in the last stitch of the chain 4.  Mark that stitch with the stitch marker as the first stitch of the next row and single crochet the next 3 stitches, chain one turn.  Move the stitch marker to the first stitch of the next row.  Repeat until you have finished off the yarn.
Here is a short video of how you do this.  Please forgive my photographer for deciding to change the focus in the middle, but I think you will get the idea.  When you reach the end of the yarn, pull the end of the yarn through the last chain and pull as hard as you can to make a knot. Done!
I have made several of these for lady friends for Christmas.  Easy to make (the first one took 2 hours) and each one was easier and faster than the last.  If you just don't want to spend the money on this yarn.  You can go to Snowcatchers blog and take a look at her  Contrary Mary scarf pattern.  She has taught me a lot about crocheting.  Have a good day!