Monday, July 30, 2012

July Fun!

Things we have done so far this month since July 4th:

Helped Grandpa work on the car.
Played with playdough.
Swung in the tree swing.
And ran through sprinklers.

Ate Otterpops
Make and ate our own gelatin fruit snacks.
Talked to Larry on Skype.
Sent packages to Afganistan.
 Went to a family reunion in Wyoming.
Got books to read from the Library.
Made new friends.
Went on picnics.
Watched fire works.
Helped Grandpa build a shed...

So far so fun!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy July

June is over and we are in the wonderful, hot month of July. 
Here are some pictures of our trip to Colorado Springs:  A children's ride at the Elitch Garden's Theme park in Denver.
The Ball pit.
Riding Motorcycles.
Dancing on stage.
I didn't get pictures of the Waldo Canyon Fire while we were there but here is a picture of the sun through the smoke of a couple of Utah fires.
Here is my son at the Casing Ceremony, before going off to Afghanistan.
(Second from the left in the back row.)
Eddie at the bike parade at the Fouth of July picnic.
Edana at the same bike parade.

I've been very busy.  I haven't even written and published any Instructables.  I will be working on that soon. 

We have heard from Larry and he says Afganistan is hotter than St. George.  ;)