Saturday, October 6, 2012

Make Your Own Car Seat Pillow

Have you ever watched a child (grandchild) sleep in a car seat and wonder how bad a kink neck they would have when they woke up?  Me too.  I found this Car Seat Pillow here on Pintrest.  Loved the idea, so I decided to make one and see how it turned out.  I ended up making 5 for the grandkids that live locally.  So here is how to “Make Your Own Car Seat Pillow”.
6 inch strip of fleece (0.167 yards, 15.24 cm, your choice, prices run from $1.25-$2.00 per strip)
2.5 inches of hook and loop fastener (6.35 cm, $1/1 yard,  I used what I had)
Sewing machine
Straight pins (not shown)
Craft stuffing (+/- $5 per pound, I did 3 with one pound)
Ruler/tape measure (not shown)
Fold the strip of fleece in half and measure it 27 inches long.  Cut off the ends.  One of these ends will be used to make a strap to put around one of the car seat straps.  This little strap will not interfere with the working of the car seat straps, yet it will help the pillow stay in place.
Sew one side of the hook and loop fastener to one end of fleece end being used as a strap.   Turn the little strap over and sew down the other side of the hook and loop fastener. 
Placing the strap right side down, place it toward the middle, of one side of the long fleece strip. 
Use a ruler, and measure the center of the little strap, putting two straight pins 2 inches (5cm) apart.
 Sew a straight line down the 2 inch marks.  This will make it wide enough to fit any size car or booster seat strap.
Hook the hook and loop fastener side together.  Good.
How take the long 6 inch wide strip of fleece and put it right sides together.  If you look at a piece of fleece you will notice that one side is brighter and a little fuzzier than the other.  The brighter, fuzzier side is the right side. 
Sew a straight line with a ¼ inch (64 mm) seam down each side of the long fleece strip.
Turn the tube you have made inside out.  Now I want you to do something a little unusual, pull the open end of the tube back down along the outside of the tube.  This will make it a lot easier to stuff the stuffing down into the bottom of the tube.
Keep stuffing until your reach the opening, then pull the rest of the tube up a little at a time and keep stuffing as you go.  When you finally have the tube full of stuffing, stop.
Now fold the raw edges of the opening in ¼ to ½ inches.  Pin the opening closed with straight pins.
Now you have two choices, sew the end closed with the sewing machine or whip it closed by hand, your choice, I chose the machine.

Roll the pillow in between your hands to smooth out the stuffing and you are done.
 The grandkids loved the new car pillows that I had made for them and my 5 year old granddaughterndemonstrated for me how she would use it.  For little babies, you can make an arch out of the pillow and put it around the top of their head.  Put the strap to hold the pillow in place where ever it will work best.   Enjoy!

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