Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chalk the Block

A few weeks ago, I went with my girls and some friends to the Women's Expo, held at a local University every September.  It has become a tradition for us and I  look forward to it each year.  While going from booth to booth, display to display, we came to one advertising the First Ever "Chalk the Block at the River Woods" and we came away with a paper that gave us a code that would reduce the price to half if used that day.  Chalk the Block was 2 weeks away.   Those of us in our car spent the whole ride home, discussing it.  It seems that most of the group, including me, had wanted to do such a thing at some point in their lives.  We go home, found out more details, checked our calendars and committed to it, by registering. 

So I started to plan and gather what supplies we were told we would need.  We divided the picture surface into sections. Each of the 5 of us will be doing a section, in our own way to honor my son who is deployed to Afghanistan.

This is my 5 year old granddaughter's section.  She drew the things she knew her Daddy loved and she signed it.
This is my section, right down the middle.  I made my own chalk, because I knew I would need lots of red, white, blue and black, which meant that it's not bright enough.  One of the things I learned, was that you could buy the chalk, in the individual colors you want, by the stick, here.  That's knowledge to keep for next year.
This is the section created by my son-in- law Matt.  He knew my son was a science fiction lover.  The death star is for him.
This section was created by my daughter Maggie.  Not too bad for free hand.  I look at it and I smile.
This last section was done by my daughter-in-law Jen.  She is a true artist. 
This is what she wrote at the bottom of her and Edana's sections. 
It was lots of fun.  I think I will need to practice on as many drawings as possible  for next fall's
 Chalk the Block festival.  The festival was put on to benefit a school for Autistic children.

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