Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Busy Life

I am oh so busy, taking care of grandkids, keeping up the house, writing Instructables (when I get some free time) and loads of other stuff.  One thing I was able to do for myself was get the name and address of a soldier in Afghanistan, who has not received any packages or mail from home.  I decided to adopt her for the duration of her tour in Afghanistan and see it I can brighten her life.  My first package will go in the mail tomorrow.  Since my soldier is a “she” I have made something for her that she might like.  I made her this pillow.
I have also included in this package, travel size, lotion, and shampoo (the smell good kind), candy, gum, a game, a small art kit, and lip balm.
My 7½ month old grandson is trying to walk.  He is also crawling over to the DVD cabinet and started to unload all the DVD’s.  He is too smart for his own good.
 (Those are allergy eyes.)
My daughter in law is home schooling my granddaughter (kindergarten) I get the fun privilege of teaching science to her and her brother and cousin.  We have learned about ice, rain, and liquids.  I try to have hands-on as part for each class.  We made rain sticks for the rain segment and “lava” lamps for the liquid segment.  I have the activities planned for the next 4 weeks.  It should prove interesting and fun.
I have written Instrucatables on:   The rain stick shown above found here:
 A mini ironing table to help with pressing while sewing.  Found here:
and several others I am working on.
Have a great day.


  1. What a wonderful project you are doing for that soldier! Can you imagine how her face will light up?!?

  2. That thought is what keeps me going. I am working on a Christmas decorations package for Oct. Then a full Christmas stocking for Nov. I have plans for the packages in Jan and Feb. It should be fun.