Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Two Year Old!

This year Xander's birthday was the day before Easter, so his mama planned an Easter Egg hunt as part of his birthday party.  I sent Grandpa down with the camera for a video.  Once Xander figured it out, his little basket was FULL.  The kids had lots of fun!

Something New!!!!

Well, I finally did something new!  I knitted a pair of socks out of soft acrylic yarn.  The mistakes are there trust me. In fact, the first sock took twice as long as the second sock to make because I was learning, and that meant, I knitted, took it out, re knitted, etc., etc., until I got each part right. 

What really thrilled me was that I didn't suffer from the dreaded SSS, "second sock syndrome".  I guess all those years of mass producing anything I make, made doing a second one a breeze. 

Who would like a pair of hand knitted socks for Christmas?  Now is the time to let me know.  P.S.  If  I make you a pair of socks, I have to measure your feet first, so that I can make them to fit.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mom's New House II

Here we are after Mom has spent over a month unpacking into her home.
front room.

different view

One bathroom.

Dining area
Family room.  Those two bodies are my hubby and grandson.
More family room.


laundry area

Master bedroom.
I have been to visit Mom twice in the last two weeks.  First time with my Hubby and grandson. the second time with my daughter and same grandson.  Xander feels really comfortable in G.G.'s (Great Grandma's) house.  He is happy to be there when I take him.  I told my hubby that when he died, I was moving in with my Mom.    I was only half kidding.