Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Create!

One day it dawned on me that they wanted me to let everyone know a little about me.  By the by  my identity at Instructables is craftknowitall:  Any who, this is what I wrote:  "In a valiant attempt to keep myself from dying of boredom, I create."  Yep that's true.  Since the first of the month of Dec.  I have posted 3 more instrutables with 3 more in the works.  I came to an agreement with MDH.  I can do as many instructables as I desire, as long as I don't spend too much (read here "any") money.  So if I can do it with stuff I have hanging around the house I am ready to go.  So here are the latest 3 Instructables:

It was a runner up in the "Weekly Challenge:  Leftovers".  Not too bad for a good soup.

This is a How-to-Make-a-Candy/Treat-Jar.  Cute, it lives by my bed with Jordan Almonds in it.  The M&M's are for the grandson.

This is the How to Make a Vortex in a Bottle.  I published it 2 days ago and it has had almost 3,000
(at this moment 2987) hits.  I'm told that it is "Popular".

I am having fun.  I got an Instructables sticker in the mail to day.  It said:
The Worlds Biggest Show & Tell
That works for me!


  1. Congratulations on winning honorable mention in the weekly challenge! That's pretty cool. I love how popular the vortex post has become. I think you've found a niche!

  2. Me too! Michael says he likes the way I grin a lot lately. Love Lizard's blog today! I left a comment. Right now I have 10 years of Pro membership on the docks. Sure you wouldn't like a year or 2. It wouldn't hurt my feelings any. Out of 12 instructables, 8 have been featured and 7 put on the front page and you get Pro memberships for all that. Love you!