Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Purse

I have been keeping myself very busy, but the projects I have been working on have to do with Christmas, and since I want them to be surprises, I will not post pictures of them here.  One thing I have made is a new purse.  My old purse was wearing out and it just wasn't large enough to hold what I wanted to keep with me.  Monday, while looking at the blog, I am Momma-Hear me Roar at this link, I found a pattern and a tutorial for a Tohoku Tote.  Looked like a purse to me. 

Anyway, went to Walmart, bought some fabric and  iron-on pellon, came home, cut it out and got most of it done. I finished it yesterday.  I made one change in that I made a long shoulder strap, because that is what I prefer, and I cut the hardware from my old purse to use for this purse. Here are the pictures outside and in.  This was the first time I have made a tote/purse.  I have made dresses, coats, even swim suits, but this is the first for this kind of project.


  1. Love your new purse- especially the addition of the hardware. :)

  2. Your purse is one of my absolute favorites! You did a great job.