Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Mom's New House

Last Saturday, Mom went and walked through this patio home.  On Monday, she make an offer and they closed yesterday.  Today we moved 99% of the stuff from the old house to this new house.  About 30 people from her old ward showed up, packed and emptied the old house.  So as you view these pictures, ignore the boxes.  This is a nice BIG single floor home.
This is the 2 car garage.  By the end of today, we had it emptied enough that Mom could park the van in there.
Sorry about how dark this front room is.
Dining area.
Master Bedroom
One bedroom going to be the craft room.
The other bedroom going to be the office. This home also has 2 bathrooms, 2 pantries and a family room.  Will take more pictures once Mom organizes the rooms they way she wants them.

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