Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Family,

Dear Family,
June 19th 2011 is Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen's 60th anniversary.  We as a family are going to make them an anniversary quilt, with a quilt block for every member of the family.  The last quilt we made was 20 years ago and is sadly out of date (as Mom pointed out to me recently).  I have sent a letter and quilt squares out to every one of my brothers and sisters.  If they haven't gotten them yet they will by this Thursday, when I personally hand them off.  Please help us out by collecting your immediate family's squares and trace a hand print of each person and then decorate it.
This is an example of what we would like to have.  Your hand print, with your name and birth date on it.  This is just how Uncle Mike wanted to do his.  I traced his hand in pencil. He embroidered the hand, name and date.
 There are 55 people in the family, (not counting my Mom and Dad,) with children, spouses, grandchildren, grand children's spouses and great grandchildren.  I needed one more to make the 56 squares we need.  So I created this one to represent Mom and Dad.  If you are married, be sure and put your marriage date on your square.
You do not have to use a thread and needle to do this project.  There are lots of fabric paints, markers etc. out there, so get a few and be creative.  Share the markers with your siblings.  The squares are 9.5" x 9.5"  please leave a 1/4" edge around the square for sewing seams.   The dead line for having all the quilt squares in to me is Feb. 1st.  This will give me enough time to sew the top together and then tie quilt before the big Day!
 Yes, my left hand really looks like this.  I checked.  We will let you know when we will tie the quilt so that you can come and help if you wish.  Any questions, email me or leave a comment.  Love you all.  Susan