Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Angry Boy

Xander hasn't been feeling well and he is struggling with having to learn new gross motor skills. I filmed his anger. When he realized he was being filmed, the anger all but disappeared. Little smarty. He is so much fun.


About 3 weeks into the new semester, I got a phone call from a granddaughter. " Nana, can I borrow a camera. I 'm taking a photography class and if I don't have a camera in class tomorrow I flunk. " My camera is old, as far as electronics are concerned. I had taken a camera class this last summer and really learned to love it. I gathered all the stuff I knew she would need for her class and I said gooodbye to my camera, for 4 months. It's didn't take 2 weeks before I discovered that for me, a camera is not a want, it is a need. I realized that I didn't want to learn to love Michael's SLR. I really missed my little point and shoot. After a discussion with Michael, I bought a new point and shoot. I had certain prerequisites for my new camera, and found what I wanted and ordered it on line. It finally came and I LOVE my new camera. I have been taking all kinds of pictures experimenting with it and learning all it's little tricks. It does a whole lot more than my old camera. When I finally get the program downloaded that works with my camera, I will put up some new pictures.