Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flower Magnets Tutorial

Supplies: magnets, pressed flowers, large flat glass pebbles, measuring cup, craft stick, Envirotex Light Pour On (this is a resin/hardener combination, follow the directions), straw, plastic gloves, toothpick, crystal clear (scotch type) tape, plastic bag (to protect your work surface).

Cover your work surface. Put the tape around the edge of the glass pebble to protect the face from the Envirotex. Put it on your work surface, flat side (bottom) up. Mix up one ounce of the Envirtotex (this will do 20 or more magnets). Are you wearing the gloves? Good. Follow the package direction for mixing. Use the stick to put a little the Envirotex on the back of the pebble. Use the straw to blow out the bubbles (the CO2 from your breath destroys the bubbles).

Place one of the dried/pressed flowers in the Envirotex, face down. Use the toothpick to push it down into the Envirotex and to center the flower on the back of the pebble. Add more Envirotex then blow out the bubbles making sure the whole flower is cover with the Envirotex.

Place the magnet in the Envirotex behind the flower. You can find smaller metal magnets if you want them to be less conspicuous, they do cost more. Let the flower magnets set for 12-18 hours. Remove the tape and let it set for another 6-12 hours (for a total of 24 hours) Once completely set they are ready to go.

Here are 3 of them in a mint tin. My grandson Colorado said "Hey, these are cool, how did you get the flower into the glass." That made me smile. Now I have Birthday gifts ready for my lady friends during this coming year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bean Bag Chair

This is for Larry and Jen. Here is the finished bean bag chair. Like I said, it is huge. Yep, it took lots of peanuts to fill that thing. We will get it to your Parents tomorrow. Maybe you should call and warn them that it's coming.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leaning Christmas Tree

With all the blessings we have had this year, something just had to go wrong. Last year, when we put up the tree, we had to jury rig the stand to get it to stand up at all. I had made a promise to myself to fix it for this year. I forgot. This year we got to stand straight, at first, then one evening it did a slow topple to the right. There it will stay, for if I jury rig it again, I will, again, forget and it won't be fixed and ready for next year. I keep thinking to myself, that if this is the worst thing that could happen to me, this or any year, I am truly blessed. So after Christmas, yet before New Years I will take down the tree and create a stand that will stay staight for next year. You want to know the truly amazing thing. We have always had a section of lights that don't stay lite so we turned that section to the wall. Well when the tree fell the unlite section turned on for the first time. See, even a leaning Christmas tree can be a blessing.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Xander Rolls Over

He has done it several times over the last week or so, but we finally got it on film. Enjoy!