Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quad Bypass Surgery

Last Wednesday, Michael was rushed to the hospital with something wrong with his heart. It really hurt and he couldn't breath. They did an angiogram and discovered lots of clogged arteries and an aneurysm. The best choice was to take care of them, so on Thursday, he had a quadruple bypass surgery. I have spent the last 5 days at the hospital. Micheal and I are both very tired.

Today they removed the last of the tubes and wires that he had and he is feeling a whole lot better. I wonder how he will be feeling when all the pain meds wear off. Tomorrow I work and right after work I go an get him to bring him home. Six week recovery time (that is how long it takes for bones to heal, and they cut right up the center of his sternum). I will be so glad to have him home and life closer to normal.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update on Drool

Yesterday the reason behind all the drool Xander has been putting out was made evident when I discovered the Xander has his first TOOTH. Left side bottom. He was still a little crabby today, so maybe the other one is on it's way to join it's mate. No pictures, his little tongue keeps in the way, obscuring the view.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Xander Bubbles


Xander has become a drool factory. Part of the fun of this excess drool is the bubbles and raspberries he blows. Quite a lot right now. Here is Xander blowing raspberries in his drool.