Friday, March 27, 2009


Today I substitute taught for a couple of health science classes and we dissected cows eyes. It was so COOL! I even got to dissect one. I haven't done anything quite this cool in quite sometime. In fact the last time I saw an cow eye dissection was in Mr. Espy's room in 6th grade. Here is my cows eye before. I'll be really nice and not show you any of the afters. I LOVE Science!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today I am grateful for steam! Over the last little while I have bought some great little machines that use steam for cleaning. NO harsh chemicals, just clean hot steam. I use the floor steam cleaner to clean the kitchen, bathroom and tile floors. I use the fabric steam cleaner to steam out wrinkles in clothing and kill odors and kill dust mites in pillows and mattresses. The floors are cleaner longer because there is no soap residue left on the floor to make it dirty again. Steaming wrinkles out is way faster that ironing. So cool!!! We bought the fabric steamer to steam the wrinkles out of Maggie's wedding dress. It worked like a dream. Maggie has chosen a beautiful dress that is so her. I woke up this morning without a sinus headache because, for the time being, the dust mites are gone. Hurry! Yeah, I'm grateful for for STEAM.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

LDS Temples

A few weeks ago, I posted about temples. The LDS Church has created this three-minute video in response to the Big Love episode's portrayal of the Temple . Take a moment and enjoy this lovely little video.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Right now I have a "blow off the top of your head" headache. And "Why do you have a headache at this juncture in time?" you ask. Because of STRESS!!!!! Things feel like they are beginning to pile up on me, and when that happens, I get STRESSED! Now it's not like I don't have oodles of time, to accomplish everything I have on my mega long "TO DO" list. I just don't like not having them all done right now. It drives me nuts. So now, I just need to work my way down the list, getting the stuff done that needs to be done first, first. ;) In this frame of mind, I created my "Mother's Day" card for the Card Swap. I've been thinking on it for weeks. Since, I was in the card making mode, I proceeded to made the invites for my eldest daughters Baby Shower, which is 6 weeks away from now. Something that needed to be done, but not just yet. Well the invites are done, but I still have a pile of stuff that needs to be done before the baby shower. I am stressed and it all my own fault.

I wish I could adjust my thinking so that I wouldn't stress so much. The cards did turn out pretty good, didn't they.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Our youngest daughter, Maggie is now engaged to a wonderful man, Matt Weidauer. The wedding isn't until July 3rd, in the Draper Temple, but things are slowly, yet surely, coming together. We have: date,time, place, for the wedding, an engagement ring, and a date, time, and place for the reception. We have the wedding dress ordered, the colors in play, the ideas in development for the decorations, etc. etc. etc. I am so happy for her. Matt is a wonderful guy and I like him a lot.

I stole this picture from Maggie's Face Book page. I hope that she doesn't mind. I just wanted to share.