Thursday, February 26, 2009


Teaching is something I truly enjoy and I am pretty good at it. Many moons ago, I graduated from BYU with a degree in Secondary Ed. Earth and Space Science. I didn't do anything with it. I choose to do daycare for some grandchildren. By the time my time doing daycare was concluded, I decided to go down a different road. At this point in time I have been Substitute Teaching at our local High School and I LOVE IT! So I decided to get my license and get my own classroom.

I called the State Office of Education and I was told that I needed to do the "alternative route" to get my license. I did exactly as they said. Yesterday I got a call from a wonderful lady who informed me that all I needed to do, was get 100 professional development points to re-establish my expired license. Apparently, they had sent me a license, but I had never received it. I was just figuring that I had goofed up somewhere (a tend to do that a lot), and that is why I had never gotten my license. Seems that 12 years ago, it was sent out, and the postal system is the one who goofed.

So now I need to take classes and get my 100 points and I will have my license. I can get 25 points for the Substitute Teaching I have been doing. Now to find ways to take classes and get that other 75 points and get my license. I am so excited!


  1. HOORAY! I'm so happy for you mama! That is so great! :)

  2. Congratulations - I'm so excited for you! You're such a wonderful teacher (in church anyway) and it's even better that you like it so much.