Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I love Flowers! Flowers feed my soul. Thing is, that I love differing types of flowers under different circumstances. Fortunately I am married to a man who understands this about me. For Valentines Day, Michael gave me some carnations, my favorite cut flower. Carnations are followed closely by roses. I love purple flowers so I try ("try" is the operative word here for I do not have a green thumb) to grow purple flowers on the east facing kitchen window sill. You know my life isn't going well when I neglect my flowers and they die. I need to do better and recover my window seal with more African violets, my favorite indoor potted flowers. I have artificial Pansy's in my kitchen too. They are there to keep my spirits up when every thing else is down. In my yard I love perennials; roses, tulips, columbine, and annuals like petunias and Pansy's. Right now the yard still has snow on it so no outdoors flower now. Spring is coming, about a month from now. Then, I will enjoy my out door flowers.

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  1. I agree. There's just something about flowers to lift a day. We are hoping to add some flowers to our outside this year. I'm not sure what kind yet, but I'm so excited to go out and plant something. Larry is always talking about your african violets. He loves them. It reminds him of home, he says. Maybe we'll get some of those.